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Impaired Risk

Individuals falling under the category of “Impaired Risk” include those with a significant health history.  Such medical impairments may stem from internal factors (such as bone, muscular, or disease related issues) or external factors (such as medications, environmental hazards or alcohol). Regardless of the condition, PBS is dedicated to providing optimum coverage to all individuals, even the impaired. Our experienced representatives are available to determine the most suitable plan for any condition. 

Good to Know…
  • PBS ensures that seniors with a positive health history do not fall under the category of “Impaired Risk”.  We offer stellar coverage to healthy seniors and are proud to do so
  • PBS has offered seminars and workshops to impaired individuals to assist in healthy living and preventative assistance (see Motivational Speaking)
  • For those who feel or who have felt that their insurance buying days were behind them or that they could have planned better – there is good news:  We can get you covered.